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Monthly astrology and horoscope 12 zodiac - November 2014

Bạn đang đọc bài viết Monthly astrology and horoscope 12 zodiac - November 2014 tại 12CungSao.Com, bạn sẽ tìm hiểu về Welcome to Monthly astrology & horoscope 12 zodiac - November, 2014 with 12 Cung Sao! . Cùng khám phá những thông tin lý thú và bổ ích về chiêm tinh học tại 12 Cung Sao cực hấp dẫn!

Monthly astrology and horoscope 12 zodiac - November 2014
Monthly astrology and horoscope 12 zodiac - November, 2014
Aries, you may look like everybody's savior during the November 6 Full Moon. You may want to be one, too. Have a fantastic time with your friends at the November 6 Full Moon, Virgo. They're all going to want to be with you anyway.
Bạch Dương (21/03-20/04)
12CungSao.Com - Cung Bạch Dương, truyền thuyết cung Bạch Dương You may look like everybody's savior during the November 6 Full Moon. You may want to be one, too. What will save you is that you know how not to neglect yourself and properly put yourself first. The November 22 New Moon could turn you into a teacher or mentor. You might not even notice, but you'll have a profound influence on how and what a lot of people think. Don't underestimate the power of your suggestions. Wednesday, November 26, is a power day. The Moon conjoins Mars and springs you out of bed with a zillion things to do. Pace yourself.
Kim Ngưu (21/04-20/05)
12CungSao.Com - Cung Kim Ngưu,Kim Ngưu,truyền thuyết cung Kim Ngưu
Love is big and bright with the November 6 Full Moon. It will have a generous share of elegance, too. That cozy feeling of perfection may not last for long, but it will be powerful and real. The weekend of November 8 could be packed with surprises, probably romantic ones. Keep that sense of humor and enjoy the thrill. Someone else's perceived crisis or difficulty could intrude around the New Moon of November 22. Don't worry about getting involved. Simply having you learn about it will probably give them what they need to solve the whole problem (if it's real to begin with).
Song Tử (21/05-21/06)
12CungSao.Com - Song Tử,cung Song Tử,truyền thuyết cung Song Tử You'll feel at your best, healthiest, and strongest at the Full Moon on November 6. It should be a great day at work, too. Conserve your strength and give yourself a treat in the evening. As Mercury enters Scorpio on Saturday, November 8, you could begin looking at things more seriously. Are you seeking love? As of the November 22 New Moon, it will be looking for you, too. There's no way for you to be anything but charming and friendly, so freshen up your repertoire of polite ways to say, "No, thank you" and "Not now" unless you want to be inundated with attention.
Cự Giải (22/06-22/07)
12CungSao.Com - Cự Giải,cung Cự Giải,truyền thuyết cung Cự Giải It's easygoing fun at the November 6 Full Moon. If you aren't going out, have a super-yummy supper with friends or family (and maybe camp out in front of your favorite movie). Monday, November 10, gets emotional as the Moon enters Cancer and trines both Mercury and Neptune. Feelings get hard to express, they're so deep. Radiate health and comfort, especially at work, with the New Moon on November 22. Take care of yourself as well. If a partner or companion unwittingly upsets things for you, your calmness will be too strong to allow it. You don't have to hold a grudge.
Sư Tử (23/07-23/08)
12CungSao.Com - Sư Tử, cung Sư Tử, truyền thuyết cung Sư Tử If a home problem has been stressing you out, relax and watch things improve with the November 6 Full Moon. You could find some extra money you didn't know you had, or you may hear or read something that drops an answer in your lap. The Moon conjoins lucky Jupiter in Leo on Friday, November 14. Expect many hugs as people hope that your luck rubs off. Starting with the New Moon on November 22, your inner child is going to want to romp, so keep tabs on all that fun you're having and how you're having it.
Xử Nữ (23/08-22/09)
12CungSao.Com - Xử Nữ, cung Xử Nữ, truyền thuyết cung Xử Nữ Have a fantastic time with your friends at the November 6 Full Moon. They're all going to want to be with you anyway. It's a weeknight and could interfere with work tomorrow, so don't let it run too late. Sunday, November 16, holds extra energy and ambition as Mars trines the Virgo Moon. Work on one big thing or several small ones and feel grateful. Home life will be in the spotlight with the November 22 New Moon. You can have everything arranged exactly the way you want it without agonizing over a single detail. Your family will love it, too.
Thiên Bình (23/09-22/10)
12CungSao.Com - Thiên bình, cung thiên bình, truyền thuyết cung thiên bình The Full Moon pours generosity your way on November 6. Love what you already have and don't worry if someone looks at you and gets jealous or envious. Don't provoke them, though. November 18 could have a few rough spots. Cheerfully focus on what's important and you can breeze through anything. The New Moon on November 22 is going to surprise you with more friends than you ever imagined you had. They may not descend on you all at once, but over the course of the next month expect to see smiling faces that you haven't seen in a while.
Thần Nông (23/10-21/11)
12CungSao.Com - Thần Nông, cung Thần Nông, truyền thuyết cung Thần Nông The Full Moon on November 6 is all yours. If you aren't already with someone you love, flash that smile and turn on your infinite charm. Pamper with affection and be pampered with luxury and all creature comforts. Make the most of it. On Tuesday, November 18, the Sun conjoins Saturn in Scorpio. Respect authority and don't get too harsh should someone disrespect you. There's money in play at this New Moon on November 22. You could receive more than you realized you've already earned. The challenge will be to not let it go out as quickly or easily as it came in.
Nhân Mã (22/11-21/12)
12CungSao.Com - Nhân mã, cung nhân mã, truyền thuyết cung nhân mã Privacy and intimacy may be the chief pleasures during the November 6 Full Moon. You're not slowing down or getting lazy. Rather, you're getting more selective and insisting on more quality and fulfillment in your life. November 13 could be a day full of stubbornness. If you can't be flexible, be as gracious as possible. Starting with the November 22 New Moon, everyone is going to love you for the next month. You can be whatever someone needs you to be, if that's what you want to do. Some people will find it nurturing just to be with you.
Ma Kết (22/12-19/01)
12CungSao.Com - Ma Kết,cung Ma Kết,truyền thuyết cung Ma Kết Charm your way into whatever position you want in any group you choose with the Full Moon on November 6. You might prefer to remain the secret master wielding power and influence from behind the scenes, however. There's less interference that way. Be extra organized on November 10 or the day could get exhausting and the fatigue lead to arguments over nothing. No matter how angry or contrary you're feeling around the November 22 New Moon, you should be able to hold it together and deal nicely with everyone. Don't exaggerate the niceness, though. That would just make some people suspicious.
Bảo Bình (20/01-18/02)
12CungSao.Com - Bảo Bình, cung Bảo Bình, truyền thuyết cung Bảo Bình Be the rock star out in public during the November 6 Full Moon. Turn heads and have cute strangers introduce themselves. Be cool if someone asks for your autograph. You'll rock your work world, too, so be awesome. The New Moon on November 22 begins a social and fun month. Keep a journal because it's going to fly by. Everyone will want to pitch in to throw that big holiday party, so share the work and expense and go for it. On Thanksgiving Day, November 27, if you're overwhelmed by your countless blessings, remember that people are grateful to you, too.
Song Ngư (19/02-20/03)
12CungSao.Com - Song Ngư, cung Song Ngư, truyền thuyết cung Song Ngư Go somewhere special and far away in your mind for the Full Moon on November 6. Start reading a fantastically long book or watch that six-hour classic movie or series. You may have company doing this, too. Work will get busier but easier as of the November 22 New Moon. It could get more fun, too, but you don't have to reveal that part. Quiet cleverness will add to your mystique, so smile and say only what's necessary. Saturday, November 29, is full of dreamy romance, but feelings may also be vulnerable. Protect that dreamy heart.

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